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Above & Beyond Home Improvements, LLC is a complete home remodeling company booking for any and all renovations. This includes Additions, Roofing, Siding, Windows & Doors, Drywall, Trim, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Hardwood floor Installation, Floor and Stair Repair, Refinishing and Restoration, Tile, Interior/Exterior Painting, Creative Solution-type jobs…no job too big or small!

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Above & Beyond
Home Improvements, LLC

This one stop web site will give you all the resources you need to help plan and bring to life many of your home improvement dreams.

At Above & Beyond Home Improvements, LLC we specialize in:

  • Domestic and Exotic Hardwood Floor Installation
  • Hardwood Floor and Stair Tread Repair and Refinishing
  • Interior/Exterior Painting, Tile, and other various Odd Jobs

Whether you want true ¾” hardwood, laminate or engineered flooring, ceramic or porcelain tile, or that unique paint to set your home apart from the rest, we know the right products to use for your living environment and the most effective way to apply them!

Classic vs. Trendy

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  • Classic Flooring: Red/White Oak (with or without Red Mahogany stain), Brazilian Cherry, or Maple with Satin Polyurethane finish.
  • Classic Tile: Porcelain body tile with slate and/or sand colors with sanded grout to match. Also, although much softer than tile, Polished stone is a popular choice for those seeking class in light Ivories, deep Slates, or Rust-like colors. Tile is typically installed in a strait grid or diagonal pattern.
  • Classic Paint: Deep colors with Red or Blue hues like Burgundies and Plums and lighter tones like Ivories, Sands, and Creams in a Flat to Eggshell Sheen. Colors like these give the sensation of Regal ness and Tradition to the atmosphere.
  • Classic Trim: Gaudy, Dark Mahogany Stained with Satin Oil Finish or Ivory White Painted with Satin Finish.
  • Classic Staircase: Traditional Oak with polyurethane or Mahogany stained treads and railing with Satin Oil Finish. Ivory White painted risers and stringers with Satin Finish.
  • Trendy Flooring: Being GREEN! Using resources that are plentiful and quickly renewable such as Red/White Oak hardwood with waterborne/based toners and finishes. Bamboo has been a big hit lately because of how economically friendly it is and the wide variety of prefinished colors that are offered.
  • Trendy Tile: Any porcelain or ceramic tiles with a high wear rating (4 or 5) that embodies a natural look. These tiles tend to have earthy neutral tones and at least some texture to them. They are typically installed in a strait grid or step-up block pattern.
  • Trendy Paint: Earth tones are what’s in! From pastel blues, greens, and reds, to shades of white, sand, and taupe’s. The key has been to keep the colors “Earthy,” flat in sheen, and accented by trim/baseboard in a shade of white. Many trendy customers have desired an “accent wall” look. This is a wall in a room, traditionally painted a few shades darker than the rest of the surrounding walls, to give the room a sense of distinction from the rest. It is often seen where Fireplace or Big Screen TV walls exist to draw center attention to the area.
  • Trendy Trim: Sleek trim painted with any shade of white to accent the all colors and floors.
  • Trendy Staircase: The staircase system is where it is smart to stay traditional except for the finish. Traditional Oak with poly- toned color or Mahogany stained treads with Satin Waterborne/ based finishes are very common on stair treads today. Many of the waterborne finishes have “slip inhibitors” built in which provide added traction for where you walk…specifically stair treads. Staircase risers and stringers are best primed and painted with shades of white or white with “Earthy” hues in a satin finish. Whether or not the railings are stained (both are acceptable), they should be finished with no less than 3 coats of an oil-based product to provide a sleek, smooth texture for the hand to glide down.

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